This Sandra Dewi Unofficial site dedicated for Indonesian Beauty Woman Especially Sandra Dewi, source from infotaiment television, news paper or website and translated to english with bad grammer (sorry)
Situs Tidak Resmi Sandra Dewi ini kami dedikasikan buat Wanita-Wanita Cantik Indonesia khususnya Sandra Dewi, bersumber dari berita Infotainment baik televisi, majalah, berita juga website-website dari internet, diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Inggris dengan kemampuan kami yang sangat terbatas, dengan harapan Dunia mengetahui 'Kecantikan & Talented' wanita-wanita Indonesia.

Sandra Dewi : Cahaya Cinta  

There is a family Siska (Dessy Raynasari) and her husband Haryoga (Gunawan), they have 3 children named Light-Aya (Ryana Dea), Love-Caca (Sandra) and their sister god. They are a family very happy and rich. Unfortunately one day his secretary Gunawan namely Camellia (Helsy Herlinda) and Rudy (Tengku Ryan) killed Haryoga to deceive and hide Haryoga heart drug. Then the assassination was accidentally seen by Siska. Siska went straight home to protect her child, but too late, her house was burned by the Camellia and Rudy.

Light, Love and God tried to be saved by Maman driver Siska. But because the situation is very bad, only successful with Maman Love, Light and God of missing ntah anywhere. The light turned out to be a child and then appointed by the Camellia because Gunawan legacy letter on behalf of the eldest daughter of Light, so Camellia trying to find the Light and find it later raised.

Light grew up with Dante (Chicho Jerikho) son of Rudy. Light falls in love with Dante. Tp Dante just consider it little friend. Light and Dante working in the company's actual Camellia Haryoga company.

The love that was brought up by Maman grow as a girl who is very cheerful and simple, works as a secretary Dante and this is where a lot of things happen. Younger brother of arriving in one office and Love are not accidentally save Siska who is pursuing a Camellia in the car when passing the market. Anyway exclaimed dech, do not forget to watch Sanders yah ..

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