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Situs Tidak Resmi Sandra Dewi ini kami dedikasikan buat Wanita-Wanita Cantik Indonesia khususnya Sandra Dewi, bersumber dari berita Infotainment baik televisi, majalah, berita juga website-website dari internet, diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Inggris dengan kemampuan kami yang sangat terbatas, dengan harapan Dunia mengetahui 'Kecantikan & Talented' wanita-wanita Indonesia.

Have a Nice Weekend Sandra  

hmm...So sweet...i like it

Long hair again..you kill me twice...

hmm... elegance nice chair and best background ..
Have a Nice Weekend Sandra


Pic Sandra From Korea  

Take off to Seoul

Greeted at the seoul airport with this cute pink flowers!

Like Season Korea

Pic Form http://tweetphoto.com/user/1023806
[Sandra Dewi]


Sandra Dewi Magazine  

If I have a magazine company, I'm making Sandra Dewi all models. From a sports magazine, models, model, movies, etc. Like this :

Sandra dewi Sporty Magazine

Sandra Dewi Sexy magazine

Sandra Dewi Player Of The Year

Sandra Dewi Model Of The Year

Sandra Dewi Hot & Sext


Sexy Sandra Dewi  

Ladies, you have to know that there are men who are totally obsess with a woman who has sexy and attractive feet. There are beautiful women who do not have pretty and sexy feet. In this case, you cannot grab the attention of men who is foot fetish. Even if you have the most beautiful face in this world, if you do not have attractive and beautiful feet those pretty face will be useless. Some people tend to regret the need of their face and concentrate more in other parts of their body such as their face, hair, legs, and even armpit.

Having sexy feet is the same as having beautiful face. There are unlucky people who are suffering from diverse condition regarding their feet such as bunions, dry feet, corns, dead skin on feet, and discoloration. These conditions occur because people neglect the importance of maintaining the physical appearance of their feet. You do not have to worry because during this present time, there are lots of ways you can make use to achieve a beautiful and attractive feet.[Sandra Dewi]


Sandra Dewi Beauty Red Pink  

[Sandra Dewi]


Sandra Dewi Promo Ads  

Korea! feelnya again korea ni hehehehe .. I went to Hong Kong 1-4 of date first, then followed by date 7-10, I went to Korea. I made two trips this because they have to shoot new ads in foreign countries. And in June, I will go again to different ads but did not know to Asia, Europe or America.

Very happy, I like Korea because many films and tv series like Korea. I also had never been there. Cl to Hong Kong's I've ever been to Disneylandnya. But because the filming, I did not really have much time to play. But ga papa because I want to feel the atmosphere in Korea.

Later there where aja yah? so happy!

sd greetings

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