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Sandra Dewi Select-Collar Guy who Like Movies Cartoons  

Menjomblo long, secretly beautiful artist, Sandra Dewi claimed to have had a lover. Apparently the man was not from among workers, such as entertainment or celebrity that many previously rumored. Instead, lucky man, whose identity was still hidden office workers.

Though claimed to be seriously engaged with the men after one of her friends since October 2009 months ago, Sandra admitted until now has not been the end of its single thoughts. If the current relationship, the artist born in Bangka Belitung choose to be married about two years.

"It's still a lot of work contract which forbids me to marry. Anyway I have not thought about because although I felt fit, but there are still many differences. Must I pikirin first deliberation," said Sandra Dewi Tribunnews.com when found in PPHUI, Roads Rasuna Said, South Jakarta.

To become partner, music show host was one television station to admit was a little hard to get. The reason, he must give a chance to succeed first.

"He also had to accept I want to also successfully used. Not everyone can accept the profession's me, let alone the office. Later he also must be ready and get used to dealing with the camera and meet with you," said Sandra who do not want to do end connect.

Then why he rarely appeared with Sandra? "Instead of'm not accompanied. Yes, we are now both busy working. So we have to meet only rarely. He is working every day, I was also busy. To be honest racing for the money. So can mutually understand each other," She said .

Actress whose name jumped after playing widescreen movie is Quickie Express claims to have introduced him to her extended family and trying to get closer. Moreover, it requires to anyone close to him to be near her family also.

Then if later on after getting married Sandra wanted to be at home alone? "Once my mind. Want to have a lot of time at home because in the long run if you come home tired too early," says Sandra serious.

Must Love Cartoon Film

Romantic relationship with a lovely girl like Sandra Dewi is not easy. Sandra tends to have the attitude that demands possessive boyfriend to be able to understand what habits, to his hobbies which is practically difficult to follow a man.

If it can not undergo the challenge, the owner's full name Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri, even willingly release that were established relationship if it turns out he did not like what's become his hobby. One of them collects cartoons.

"I like a collection of cartoons. Menutut my boyfriend I really have to like cartoons, if you do not like ya putusin only. If such a new phase of menjajagan ya through it. So the couple I had to understand what the will and hobby to me. He must understand me , "She said.

Moreover, he willingly took off faster affair when her lover suddenly asked to leave the world of entertainment who has raised his name. "Maybe that's what causes people not dare close that I menjomblo long enough," She said. [Sandra Dewi]

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