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Bali and the French Film Festival Ambassadors  

Monday, 29th March, I was very weary at all. Because I had to go to Bali after Derings. And I had fallen asleep at the Soekarno-Hatta airport lounge while waiting for the plane. When he arrived in Bali, I went straight to improvise and make up Oasis with Ryan, friend and makeup artisku. After make up, I became the MC event Unilever from 7pm-11pm hour. After the venuenya, our hotels and eat at the hotel. I immediately clean up and shower. Because it is still stuffed. We finally got to bed at 1am. While I have to get up at 3am. Felt so tired. Make up much, only 30 minutes for hair and face.

The next day I immediately woke up at 3am and headed to the airport. Up to Jakarta, I went straight to the transtv. French Film Festival Ambassadors. On Wednesday, after a live Derings, I went straight to the hotel Le Meredien to hold Presscon for the French Film Festival Ambassadors. French Film Festival is held the Embassy of France to introduce French culture in Indonesia. Why would I want to be the ambassador of French film? because as a movie player, I want to see films other than Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Indeed the United States and India were in the order of 1 and 2 countries that produce most movies. And France is the third country. That means they are very concentration to the world of cinema. Lessons and learning new colors in my acting.

And indeed there persamaaannya French culture with the Indonesian culture. I watched the movie Changing Sides. Where in the movie, there is a wife who is bored with his routine as a man who only take care of the house and anak2nya only. She asked her husband to swap roles. She and her husband to take care anak2nya office. Affair in which conflict and eventually the wife is very sorry and wants everything returns to normal. Same with the conditions in Indonesia, where a wife should not forget his nature as a mother. And the plot is very fast and not boring.

Do not forget to watch well the French Film Festival Date April 15 to May 10 in the blitz and Plaza Indonesia. Hopefully with the French Film Festival, Indonesian film can be stimulated to be better. Why we do not have the Indonesian Film Festival?

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