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Situs Tidak Resmi Sandra Dewi ini kami dedikasikan buat Wanita-Wanita Cantik Indonesia khususnya Sandra Dewi, bersumber dari berita Infotainment baik televisi, majalah, berita juga website-website dari internet, diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Inggris dengan kemampuan kami yang sangat terbatas, dengan harapan Dunia mengetahui 'Kecantikan & Talented' wanita-wanita Indonesia.

Studied Role, Sandra Dewi Learning From Discuss With Her Friend  

Sandra Dewi is now re-hone his skills in the acting world by appearing in a new TV series, Regis. To explore the character which he has starred, Sandra discuss learn from his friends. Portray characters in this new soap opera, Sandra discuss learned from his friends. "Actually what I act here, as a woman who is not blessed love, that's a lot happening in Indonesia. Acting out characters I like to hear from friends I discuss. But the really strong character, someone who sustain love while not approved by his family. So he knows what he wants, "said Sandra Dewi found in Plaza Senayan, Jaksel, Wednesday (03/02).

"Because many friend a vent, either friend artist or not. Listen even every day. Many who drop out because not approved by parents. That's what so I own capital, so you can explore the role, knowing what kind of pain," he added . Referring to the story in this soap opera Sandra talk about the love that does not get approval. "In Indonesia this if we fall in love with whom, for example, which determines the parents. So if you say at the moment I fell in love with ya who ya can not assure you also, because their parents are also very influential," he explained.

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