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Happy Bithday Sandra...Love You Full  

Date 8 August 2009 was my birthday. And that day is unforgettable I make contemporary life. I first surprise party given by my best friends Anita Olivia as a leader and a friend the other ask for coming and assisted by Fanny and Rian. on 7th aug nights, I also my friends team from Clear Soft and Shiny dinner in our cafe subscription. But that day, Fanny and I are very tired, so I was quite tired that night but they make me feel very happy, so I forget what I am tired. After eating together and take some picture. We like to wait 12 hours so that their normal night-wishing for me. We waited 12 minutes while for karaoke. Arrive 12 minutes the night they brought a cake and a gift I also my pic. I am very happy and compassionate for surprise that this extraordinary.

The next day and fit in on 8 August, I went to Jakarta for the event Margocity Clear Soft and Shiny. In the middle of the event, the quiet mall tiba2 become congested. Because suddenly my s anders that so many sing happy birthday song and cake and candles were present. Truly, I moved once. I do not think the power of holding so happy . Why? I have five week does not meet with Sanders Jakarta, not to bring food to them. I fear they will forget me but they remember that day with my day. I feel guilty busy with my job. Indeed, in this weekend, I always go out to the city roadshow Clear Soft and Shiny. My Sanders, i miss u. I love u. I Remember a year ago, we celebrated the re my day in Dufan?. My Busy this year because of the extraordinary, I had not had time to arrange the event apa2. My sanders but was very independent, make their own events and they make me weep for ke3 time. Incredible that you do and that you give for me. Thanks so much, Thanks for all.

I love u full.

Taken From Sandra Dewi official Blog

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