This Sandra Dewi Unofficial site dedicated for Indonesian Beauty Woman Especially Sandra Dewi, source from infotaiment television, news paper or website and translated to english with bad grammer (sorry)
Situs Tidak Resmi Sandra Dewi ini kami dedikasikan buat Wanita-Wanita Cantik Indonesia khususnya Sandra Dewi, bersumber dari berita Infotainment baik televisi, majalah, berita juga website-website dari internet, diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Inggris dengan kemampuan kami yang sangat terbatas, dengan harapan Dunia mengetahui 'Kecantikan & Talented' wanita-wanita Indonesia.

Sandra Dewi & You C1000  

Sandra Dewi and You C-1000 Ads Poster
Great Sandra Dewi


Change Url Official Blog Sandra Dewi  

we may be in attentive,cause the url address official blog sandra dewi switch from a http://sandradewi.seleb.tv to http://sandradewi.blogseleb.com
hopefully sandra dewi continue with the regular update of the blog so that we still fansnya all activities and can continue supporting sandra dewi.


Sandra Dewi : Icon of Clear Soft and Shiny  

My name is Sandra. In the ads textline Clear? My name is Rain. My name is Nichole. Now My name is Sandra hehehehehehe. I am very pleased to be able to become icons and brand Ambassador Clear Soft and Shiny, new products from shampoo Clear. Because of the first, Clear TV ad is different. Later ads will have tvnya last June. This stake picture in Bangkok. See u later. Clear that this new product from Clear and more subtle, more gentle and free of dandruff. Cobain yah. Senengnya and more. I like campaign to this shampoo in indonesia.

Later than Rain and Nicholle pussycatdolls Clear icons are a very famous international and digandrungi women and men. Who yah? Liat aja later, the obvious, like hehehehehehe. Pussycatdolls dateng ni want to Jakarta. It's like watching a ga? . Today the Vienna mbakku home village, also deserted. I also seneng ni, mamiku masakin I kesukaanku food. The sticky rice wrapped pandanus and content mince, tasty mm bela2in until I return to the past for food, a new more advanced work. Indeed, the mother of our cuisine most tuh enak yah, agree? What is Monday? very fun.


Sandra Dewi : Cinta Indah 2  

The serial begins, fate reunites the characters together; Ryan and Ronny go to distribute charity in the name of Retno, they reach the orphanage where Indah works as caretaker. They are stunned to find her working in the orphanage. The trio is surprised at the new dice thrown in front of them by their destinies. However, during the period when no one could meet each other has not rusted their feelings of love for each other.

Roni is still gung ho over Cinta Aini, his MIA daughter and not to mention Indah. This just show that he still loves them even if they can’t be together. Now, about his daughter, Cinta Aini. My gut says that Cinta Aini might be Siti, an orphan in the orphanage that Indah works in. Before, I wasn’t sure about this because I thought only a year had pass but after reading it somewhere that actually more than a year had passed, this guess becomes much stronger.

Another reason why I think Siti might be Cinta, Roni’s long lost daughter? well, this might be superficial but I see the actress playing Siti looks adorable and pretty which mostly in Sinetrons those kind of actress who played poor, abused orphaned girls in the drama turned out to be the long-lost daughter of a rich family while the less beautiful ones tend out to be the imposter, the antagonist in the show.

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