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Sandra Dewi Handshake People with Leprosy  

Including leprosy is a disease that many people afraid because considered infectious. But not for the beautiful artist Sandra Dewi. Sandra has confessed to visit and shake hands with the people directly leprosy. Sandra decided to do all this, since the former was appointed by the Community People with leprosy (Komata) as ambassador of the former leprosy.

As ambassador, Sandra served convey the correct information about leprosy, and mengimbau people not to squeeze out a former patient. "I have been so appointed roving ambassador of the former leprosy patients (Komata) Foundation in the Social Marfati," said Sandra in the event Night Love Peduli leprosy Coordinator 3 held in the cathedral parish Choice Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Cikini, Central Jakarta , last week.

That night, Sandra menggandeng also host Olga Lydia and Daniel Mananta to guide the auction painting titled Merpati & the Blue Tones leprosy who eventually sold Rp 45 million. "The tasks I give information that the former leprosy patients have been cured and will not transmit the disease again. I also encourage people not to expel them. Give them the opportunity to work and work. Give them hope for life, so that their human dignity, "he said.

Sandra had also visited the people with leprosy in the leprosy village, in Tangerang. "I also view this paper the former leprosy patients in the foundation Marfati. They cut the fabric, sewing, make T-shirts sporting for sale. Although already be amputated fingers because the virus attacked leprosy, their work is very stunning, "said Sandra. But the sad, the words Quickie Express film supporter this, know when the shirt-dress is made of former leprosy patients, the canceled purchase these products.

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