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Sandra Dewi And Kartini's Day  

Happy days kartini well, today I am very happy. Because all the women celebrate the day. Human Right every woman has equal with laki2. We as women in Indonesia should be grateful because our mother has been successfully defend your rights every woman the same rights with men in India which is well known as the emancipation. We also discuss derings in this case, Kartini and emancipation of women.

I also wear the kebaya derings today. Happy of this day, because we all presenters for custom clothing, custom clothes lest we forget this because this asset our country, and do not have the other countries that I confess that their assets. So let women in Indonesia, show, your power, we can work well and learn well. Achievement, and do not ever scared to try. But it remains free and in accordance with our nature as women east. Setujukan? this day I feel a little sad because again moments disney on ice will completed.

Raden Ajeng Kartini (April 21, 1879–September 17, 1904), was a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national heroine. Kartini is known as a pioneer in the area of women's rights for native Indonesians. Kartini was born into an aristocratic Javanese family in a time when Java was still part of the Dutch colony, the Dutch East Indies. Kartini's father, Raden Mas Sosroningrat, became Regency Chief of Jepara, and her mother was Raden Mas' first wife, but not the most important one. At this time, polygamy was a common practice among the nobility.As the wedding approached, Kartini's attitude towards Javanese traditional customs began to change. She became more tolerant.

She began to feel that her marriage would bring good fortune for her ambition to develop a school for native women. In her letters, Kartini mentioned that not only did her esteemed husband support her desire to develop the woodcarving industry in Jepara and the school for native women, but she also mentioned that she was going to write a book. Sadly, this ambition was unrealised as a result of her premature death in 1904 at the age of 25.


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