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Sandra Dewi Second Movie "Tarzan Ke Kota"  

Film "Tarzan Ke Kota" starring the young artist Sandra Dewi, and is dedicated to honor artists and apreciated best actor from Betawi, deceased, Benjamin S. "this is my second movie, I dedicated specific figure for artists and original come Betawi deceased Benjamin S," said Sandra Dewi Meet at the ceremony and Great film "Tarzan Ke Kota" in Bandung Trade Center (BTC), Wednesday (10/12).

According to the artist born in Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, this 25 years ago, in addition to dedicated to the deceased, Benjamin S, this film is also dedicated to the ker loyality fans. In addition actriss Sandra Dewi, "Tarzan Ke Kota" movie, also starring Vincent Club eighties, actress and senior actors Conny Sutedja and HIM Damsyik and newcomers alike with the deceased, Benjamin S, Ajul Juing.

Movie begins with the kidnapping Ratna (Dewi Sandra) by Arde (Vincent Club eighties) and hidden in a cave. Inside the cave, Ratna with Tarzan (Ajul Jiung). Ratna and Tarzan soon became good friends. Tarzan was bringing home to the city Ratna ride. The animal friends Tarzan look sad up, Tarzan, but promised to return and bring them all.

Arriving in the city, immediately Tarzan adventure. Life in the city to make Tarzan confused. Ratna should teach Tarzan way of life in the city, which is very different from the forest. Commercial use of the toilet, how to eat, to speak English.

Original Foto From Kapanlagi.com

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