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New Year's Eve & Sanders Thanx  

Happy New Year 2009 night, where a you doing, all night in this new year? I ama Fanny this night, as we usually 5 per year for two years. Fanny always stay at my house every night the new year. and we just pray for his career, family, and the future what we expect. This year a new night, I want to end this night with gratitude because it was given the best in 2008.

I am grateful, and I wanted to share with all the best friend and other people. Life full of love and happiness is the most important. with the close of the year with Sanders does make me happy with the final closing session this my year. all we have Go, all we have to do, we share a close with the events in the charity event in "Tuna wisma ganda". there we can see, how many of our fellow disabled mentally and physically disabled. we should be grateful to have been given physical and mental perfection of God, should we handle ourselves as best as possible so that can be useful to themselves and others. we know, we humans are so many less..

I also I am a man full of shortages. I sometimes think, why I always make mistakes and sins. sometimes when I realize I am wrong, but it seems difficult to avoid from my sin. But I must try to do right and avoid sin, only sometimes we humans will not escape from sin. but it is not a reason for us to compromise with sin. night in this new year, I want to apologize to you all that the shoulder with all the words and perbuatanku, I apologize yah. good night new year. ni what events the night the new year? I comment on the story, I happy write on. nah.. on this night, I wanted to write a review and evaluation in 2008 and 2009.

good night once again the new year. once again thanks for your presence and cooperation of all the extraordinary Sanders to Jakarta on charity gala event at the homeless out double, this year we have the content of the event in 2008 with the closing of the good, hopefully we can do better in the year 2009 lg yah regards to

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