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By Christmas, Sandra Dewi Holiday  

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - The spirit of Christmas and prestige really are in themselves and Dewi Sandra. Really, in the padatnya work, Dewi Sandra willingly take off 2 days. Dewi Sandra exactly 24 to 25 later in December, just want to celebrate Christmas with his family.

"Christmas later, I collect together the family in Jakarta. Date 24 and 25 December 2008, I choose to live at home, leaving the prestige and spirit natalnya really feel," said Sandra Dewi, plans celebration of Christmas 2008, when it was found in the FX Entertainment, Road General Sudirman, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Saturday (20/12) yesterday.

Christmas tradition that has become a Christmas tradition Dewi Sandra and their families. Not only are gathered, there also appeared to exchange a Christmas gift.

"I always waiting moment gift exchange. This year I have prepared some gift. Contents are confidential, though. Not only that I am also ready to accept the gift, the past. Honestly, I hope to present novel. Hopefully watchmaker , Okay, "please Dewi Sandra.

Christmas tradition that eventually must make a sincere and Dewi Sandra release time to 2 days off and not take the job.
"I am willing, tut. Yeah, all for the Christmas. Yeah, after Christmas I burners work again. Start of work still involves Christmas, job promotions to products that I starred," stopper. [Spell]


Dewi Sandra passionate And in the Christmas Day  

PEKANBARU, MONDAY - coming artist beautiful birth of Bangka, Sandra Dewi to celebrate Christmas with family in their hometowns be forced to return dipendamnya. Christmas this time, coincides with the process syuting in Bangkok, Thailand.

Last year, the Christmas with the family forced people because the schedule is solid. "Yes me, I was longing Natalan together with parents, siblings and relatives at home. Session I was solid. Date Dec. 25 event in television content. I need the next day to Bangkok," said Sandra told relaxed in the middle Exelso Cafe, Mall SKA , Lagos, Sunday (22/12).

"Again this year my in Natalan his village. Complains family life, but how would again. Also working, I can ditinggalin," he said.

Natalan favorite at home, make the owners full name Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri it, seems unbearable. The atmosphere is different, Sandra always want to make a return to the land of birth in Mittagong. When Christmas arrived, also with the natural rainfall.

"So, if in Europe there is snow, no rain in Alaska during Christmas. One house in the traditions similar to show it is also born. Therefore, I am nostalgic people," said Sandra admitted that Christmas is always
gave many lessons, especially the matter of togetherness and mutual
antarpemeluk respect religion. (prayer / EH)

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