This Sandra Dewi Unofficial site dedicated for Indonesian Beauty Woman Especially Sandra Dewi, source from infotaiment television, news paper or website and translated to english with bad grammer (sorry)
Situs Tidak Resmi Sandra Dewi ini kami dedikasikan buat Wanita-Wanita Cantik Indonesia khususnya Sandra Dewi, bersumber dari berita Infotainment baik televisi, majalah, berita juga website-website dari internet, diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Inggris dengan kemampuan kami yang sangat terbatas, dengan harapan Dunia mengetahui 'Kecantikan & Talented' wanita-wanita Indonesia.

Sandra Dewi Concerned the Case of Sheila Marcia  

As the illegal drugs envoy, Sandra Dewi claimed very sad with what fell on Sheila Marcia. Apart from still was young, Sheila was the girl's noose that was good in the eyes of Sandra. "Definitely him he was pressed," said Sandra. "But by this he was blessed, he was at once reprimanded," he added. According to Sandra, when being met in Blowfish Café, on Tuesday (12/8), Sheila will definitely be given by the opportunity to change. This one process of the maturing that must be passed through by Sheila.

"Everyone must experience what was acknowledged as the process" of the "maturing with the road different." Possibly because he public figure all of them were still being exposed, he said. And supposing that Sheila must undergo the punishment, as Sandra's illegal drugs envoy regarded him already naturally, "as the good citizen certainly we must obey the law." But personally I wanted him Sheila entered rehabilitation.

Translated from kapanlagi.com

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