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By Christmas, Sandra Dewi Holiday  

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - The spirit of Christmas and prestige really are in themselves and Dewi Sandra. Really, in the padatnya work, Dewi Sandra willingly take off 2 days. Dewi Sandra exactly 24 to 25 later in December, just want to celebrate Christmas with his family.

"Christmas later, I collect together the family in Jakarta. Date 24 and 25 December 2008, I choose to live at home, leaving the prestige and spirit natalnya really feel," said Sandra Dewi, plans celebration of Christmas 2008, when it was found in the FX Entertainment, Road General Sudirman, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Saturday (20/12) yesterday.

Christmas tradition that has become a Christmas tradition Dewi Sandra and their families. Not only are gathered, there also appeared to exchange a Christmas gift.

"I always waiting moment gift exchange. This year I have prepared some gift. Contents are confidential, though. Not only that I am also ready to accept the gift, the past. Honestly, I hope to present novel. Hopefully watchmaker , Okay, "please Dewi Sandra.

Christmas tradition that eventually must make a sincere and Dewi Sandra release time to 2 days off and not take the job.
"I am willing, tut. Yeah, all for the Christmas. Yeah, after Christmas I burners work again. Start of work still involves Christmas, job promotions to products that I starred," stopper. [Spell]


Dewi Sandra passionate And in the Christmas Day  

PEKANBARU, MONDAY - coming artist beautiful birth of Bangka, Sandra Dewi to celebrate Christmas with family in their hometowns be forced to return dipendamnya. Christmas this time, coincides with the process syuting in Bangkok, Thailand.

Last year, the Christmas with the family forced people because the schedule is solid. "Yes me, I was longing Natalan together with parents, siblings and relatives at home. Session I was solid. Date Dec. 25 event in television content. I need the next day to Bangkok," said Sandra told relaxed in the middle Exelso Cafe, Mall SKA , Lagos, Sunday (22/12).

"Again this year my in Natalan his village. Complains family life, but how would again. Also working, I can ditinggalin," he said.

Natalan favorite at home, make the owners full name Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri it, seems unbearable. The atmosphere is different, Sandra always want to make a return to the land of birth in Mittagong. When Christmas arrived, also with the natural rainfall.

"So, if in Europe there is snow, no rain in Alaska during Christmas. One house in the traditions similar to show it is also born. Therefore, I am nostalgic people," said Sandra admitted that Christmas is always
gave many lessons, especially the matter of togetherness and mutual
antarpemeluk respect religion. (prayer / EH)

Kompas Entertaint


Sandra Dewi Act Raper on Telkomsel Ads  

Sandra Dewi as raper on Telkomsel Adverstise, maybe it's not Sandra dewi Style but increase her experience. So nice, Sandra you look different..


Sandra Dewi...Simpati Banjet [Bangeet's]  

Very Nice..cute n beautiful
Good Job Sandra..n Goodluck


Sandra Dewi Warta Kota Newspaper  

Warta Kota (Saturday), Sandra Dewi, artists who are admired many of these people do not want to stutter classified technology alias "gaptek". He realize that, through human interaction communication technology is no longer limited distance and time. Moreover, after the Internet network is found, each person can communicate at any time with people who Deep inside the there. Even the stage this white film as the Internet Account Manager.

"The Internet Account Manager. Hence, recently, I which to take the laptop. The Internet is not only important as a communication tool, but also to increase knowledge," he said at the time found during the event Kompas.com Reborn at Hotel Mulia , Senayan, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (29 / 5). In the event, the model "Wonder Woman" Mulan Jameela video vlips property is not only a tourist event, but also selected to be the icon Kompas.com portal. "Time will (become icons), I direct you, 'Wow, extraordinary'. I am happy because it is involved in the technologically advanced digital media," said Sandra while adding, himself selected as fond of the icon because it considered the world's information and technology.He also prize blog www.sandradewi.seleb.tv. Sandra also be freely interact with the operation. For the fans, he was writing the diary in his wake every morning.

"Almost every night, I chat and open a web cam. So, fans can see the live chat and chat while Face. Also, advanced technology," said the owner full name Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri this.Sandra felt benefit from blogs with it. This is related to the experience bad, when photographs of naked women who wear face circulating on the internet."Through this blog have fans can know who I was, what Promises day-to-day, and I find the correct list of Photos, original, live blog click and download," he explained. As icon, Sandra have a duty to promote digital media Kompas.com. "As an icon, I will also conduct social activities," he said. (YUS)

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Sandra Dewi And Sandra Bullock  

In the past posting, we are expose Sandra Dewi and Dewi Sandra. Different name and different person. ANd now we are want to expose between Sandra Dewi and Sandra Bullock. The same between Sandra Dewi and Sandra Bullock,both of her is an famous & beauty actress.

The Same of them.
Sandra Dewi Wiki & Sandra Bullock Wiki & (en) Wiki
Sandra Dewi at Kapanlagi.com & Sandra Buloock at Kapanlagi.com

Different of them
Sandra Dewi born on Agustus 18, 1983
Sandra Bullock born July 26, 1964, different 19 year.
Sandra Dewi is new comer and rising star in Indonesian entertainment industry.
Sandra Bullock have "Sandra Bullock's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame", best movie carreer and many award.
But I hope Sandra Dewi keep spirit and fighting to learn and can be like Sandra Bullock in next year. Sandra Dewi Good Luck.


Sandra Dewi Did Not Want to Date With Actor  

That it's name "cinlok" the mean "love in the location" with the opponent played her. However Sandra Dewi did not want this matter to happen to himself because of the "sweet virgin" did not went out was the same the artist. "I'm not wanted to be the same the artist because want to calm," said the hairy girl long that when being met in the Samudra Hall, Jakarta, on Saturday (23/8/2008). The status was single really quite for a long time adhered to the 'Indah' star of the 'Love' film. That happened she indeed really chose whoever will become the prospective colleague of his life. "Yes OK his name also searching the couple an age" of the "life," her replied when being asked whether herself chose the prospective life partner. The matter of the status was single her that personally, she had not heeded. Because at this time Sandra Dewi felt Sandra Dewi engrosseded in being accompanied by the family and her lovers.


Sandra Dewi Concerned the Case of Sheila Marcia  

As the illegal drugs envoy, Sandra Dewi claimed very sad with what fell on Sheila Marcia. Apart from still was young, Sheila was the girl's noose that was good in the eyes of Sandra. "Definitely him he was pressed," said Sandra. "But by this he was blessed, he was at once reprimanded," he added. According to Sandra, when being met in Blowfish Café, on Tuesday (12/8), Sheila will definitely be given by the opportunity to change. This one process of the maturing that must be passed through by Sheila.

"Everyone must experience what was acknowledged as the process" of the "maturing with the road different." Possibly because he public figure all of them were still being exposed, he said. And supposing that Sheila must undergo the punishment, as Sandra's illegal drugs envoy regarded him already naturally, "as the good citizen certainly we must obey the law." But personally I wanted him Sheila entered rehabilitation.

Translated from kapanlagi.com


FTV Ada Apa Dengan Bunga  

Sandra Dewi expresion at "Ada Apa Dengan Bunga"

here Some Video From You Tube :


From Detik Hot Sandra Dewi: Beckham Ganteng dan Keren  

Sandra Dewi shared the same destiny as Luna Maya. Both, of they were forced by Dewi Sandra to open the mouth for the sake of the ball. If Luna the hobby played futsal, Sandra even did not know anything the matter of the ball.
"That I knew England, France, was the same Italia was good." I knew him only David Beckham. He was handsome, good-looking, and metroseksual, Sandra that was met in the Futsal Warehouse, Street Raya Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur, on Tuesday (3/6/2008). Although did not know anything the matter of football, this 'Quickie Express' star took part in collaboration with Dewi Sandra and Luna Maya.
The three, they sang the song welcomed Euro 2008, 'Play'. This song was created by Dewi Sandra. Not only did not know anything the matter of football, Sandra then admitted to be able to not sing. However he was only given by exercise time 20 minutes. After him, seleb had white skin that then direct take the voice. "Could minder also."
But her profit of Luna was the same Dewi support her, added Sandra with the sweetness smile. His profit, said Sandra, this 'Play' song too much was not difficult to be sung. Her rhythm then increased the spirit.

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Sandra Dewi D-One Icon  

Sandra Dewi d-one handphone model
Nice model

Sandra Dewi another Pose
d-one handphone model
Nice model


Sandra Dewi At You Tube  

Just found Sandra Dewi Video at You Tube, You can browse it too via You Tube, the bigger Internet network community, enjoyed..


Sandra Dewi Official Blog  

Are you fans of Sandra Dewi? Do you want know her shooting schedule syuting and want to meet her to the location? Or want to download many ton his photographs of Sandra Dewi the small pass previously? If OK, are you normally!

But, the pass launching blog, Sandra say that blog this to cover the feeling of disappointment fans her that was cheated by the media that not be responsible and claimed as Sandra Dewi.

You can go to the sandradewi official blog at http://sandradewi.seleb.tv


Sandra Dewi Duta Anti Narkoba  

Almost two months of Sandra Dewi became the icon KOMPAS.com. For that also he had blog personal in the address http://sandradewi.seleb.tv. The world of the internet has been very sticky with the newcomer's actress terfavorit IMA 2008 that had the full name Monica Nichole Sandra Dewi Gunawan this. Later he also always must face "the black" black berry everywhere.

"If could not be opened laptop, more practical and fast, each kind of my time now used black berry to online the internet to see the comment in blog, posting," he said before the Jakarta agenda Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Club Power Dinner in the Bentara Building the Jakarta Culture, on Wednesday night (25/6).

Blog Sandra Dewi has been known to be public. Through blog that his characteristics were social and the interaction also that delivered him to the Envoy Anti Narkoba that was appointed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in the Negara Palace, on Thursday (26/6). "I was chosen as the Envoy Anti Narkoba because of being considered konsen in the world blog as new the media that could campaign anti illegal drugs," he added. Moreover, went through the world blogger, he acknowledged closer and could interact with his lovers.

Foto from Detikfoto
News Taken From Kompas Media


Sandra Dewi in Wikipedia  

Who did not know Sandra Dewi, the artist young beauty now still was on the rise. After emerging friensdter her, afterwards her fans made mailing list in yahoo, we can see Sandra the goddess has been in Indonesian wikipedia , the salute for Sandra the goddess

There is address sandra dewi in Indonesian wikipedia


Sandra Gallery  


Sandra Dewi on Action Series "Elang"  

Sandra Dewi played action drama series ELANG. Elang is the series drama genre action, this drama told about a secret agent who was increased in an orphanage. The eagle that was played by Wingky Wiryawan was the leading figure of the centre in this espionage story. In his mission exposed the network of the syndicate of illegal drugs, as the secret agent the "ELANG" often was pointed in the choice that was difficult between privacy and professionalism.

The "ELANG" was supported by abreast the well known name including the senior stars like Rianti Cartwright, Sandra Dewi, Mieke Amalia, Sophan Sophiaan, Nungki Kusumastuti, Ray Sahetapy, Johannes Taslim, and the small star Ranti Maria. Be full of the fight scene that mesmerised, the "ELANG" also the draught with the touch of the drama, that often put forward the humane side of a secret agent.

Another Pic Source from kapanlagi.com :


"Foto Sandra Dewi Bugil" is Fake  

After pose at FHM Magazine, Sandra dewi got fake naked picture surounding on the net.

The naked photograph of Sandra Dewi was sensational enough to be reviewed by several medias some time before. And made Sandra personally support the fog and could shock. But approximately who that will believe if that real Sandra's photograph??? If being observed further, very clear this photograph results of the engineering. Roy Suryo, the expert telematika then was of the same opinion if the photographs were false and pure the person's mischievous action only. With all the defences and the authentication finally Sandra Dewi could sigh in relief.
Although himself was still feeling sad with slander incorrectly about himself.

Pic Source from kapanlagi.com


Sandra Dewi FHM Magazine  

Starting Fun Fearless Female Cosmopolitan, now we can find beauty Sandra Dewi Picture at FHM Magazine on February 2008. Maybe your many fans socked find your pose maybe another your fans happy look at your sexy picture, but I think, we are respect your decision pose at FHM Magazine. And I hope not stopp your rising star.

Image Sandra Dewi - FHM Magazine (click to enlarge)

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