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Cinta Indah Synopsis  

INDAH. His love evidently was not as simple as his name. The life of the plain village girl then was the same. Was full of the bend and far from the meaning of his name. All started the time he went to the city to improve the economy of the family. Fate took Beautiful to become the caretaker in the house of one family. In this family, Ryan and his wife was separated the reason the wife of the affair. Till finally Ryan got Beautiful to take care of his children, Yudha and Ica. Initially Ryan did not like in Beautiful the reason could not it was considered work.

However Beautiful continued to remain till finally children Ryan fall in love and loved Beautiful. Gradually, Ryan then began fall in love with Beautiful simplicity. Evidently not only Ryan that fall in love in kesederhaan and Beautiful innocence.

There were Ronny and Surya (his sweetheart in the village) that tried to get the Beautiful love. To who Beautiful will send his heart?
Take note he narrated only in the channel of one for All!

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