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Sandra Oh Sandra  


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year  

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2008
Success For You All


Beauty Actris  


Sandra Dewi Dedicated For Career  

LIKE THAT the importance of the career in the eyes of the new artist Sandra Dewi. And so, this pretty girl was willing "menjomblo", haven't boy friend, for the sake of his career. Yes, for the partner's affair, Sandra more handed over him to the Lord.

One day later, the certain Lord ngasih the partner who was best for me, said Sandra. For the guys, Sandra evidently did not define the special criterion to become his girlfriend.

Nevertheless, if might choose, Sandra admitted to wanting the older prince and definitely loyal. Because I want to dimanjain, said the Beautiful actor in this Indah Love film.

Taken From SCTV


Cinta Indah SCTV  

Opening Slide "Cinta Indah" SCTV, Monday until Friday 9 PM


Cinta Indah Synopsis  

INDAH. His love evidently was not as simple as his name. The life of the plain village girl then was the same. Was full of the bend and far from the meaning of his name. All started the time he went to the city to improve the economy of the family. Fate took Beautiful to become the caretaker in the house of one family. In this family, Ryan and his wife was separated the reason the wife of the affair. Till finally Ryan got Beautiful to take care of his children, Yudha and Ica. Initially Ryan did not like in Beautiful the reason could not it was considered work.

However Beautiful continued to remain till finally children Ryan fall in love and loved Beautiful. Gradually, Ryan then began fall in love with Beautiful simplicity. Evidently not only Ryan that fall in love in kesederhaan and Beautiful innocence.

There were Ronny and Surya (his sweetheart in the village) that tried to get the Beautiful love. To who Beautiful will send his heart?
Take note he narrated only in the channel of one for All!


Gallery Cinta Indah  

Gallery of Sandra Dewi at "Cinta Indah Sinetron"


Sandra Dewi Profile  

Schools (Other):

SD St. Theresa I, SMP St. Theresa I, SMUK St. Yosef, London School Of Public Relations

Hobbies and Interests:

ngobrol, ngumpul, makan, shopping, nonton, Sushi, and Photo2 ama teman2

Favorite Books:
Powershot Canon G7 Manual Book..arghhhhhhhhh

Favorite Movies:
Shrek, The Simpson’s

Favorite Music:
Slow, Down Tempo…

Favorite TV Shows:
Discovery Travel & Living…Cartoon’s :)

Zodiac Sign:

About Me:

sulit jatuh cinta tapi kalo udah jatuh cinta..dalemmm..=) murah senyum, ketemu temen2 yg rame, males olah raga and..hmmm…pemaaf

Who I Want to Meet:

Jesus Christ, Bunda Maria, Malaikat Mikael, Gabriel, Rafael, Keanu Reeves, Adjie Massaid, Shania Twain, and my Bestfriend Yulia/Mariata..

(Taken From: Friendster)


Quickie Express  

The presence of a newcomer, Sandra Dewi, that played a role in as Lila, could give the fresh atmosphere. Sandra Dewi appeared well and could match acting from the more senior players.
The face shock and the sadness that was visible from over glasses when he heard all the acknowledgments from Jojo succeeding in inviting the feeling of the sympathy.

Was not left behind, the game of the other stars, like Cheerful Irawan, Reuben E. Hadju, even Nia Dinata personally that took part in being present as the auxiliary actor and cameo also made this film more interesting.

(Taken From Ruang Film)


Sandra Dewi & Tora Sudiro  

Supplied paras handsome and the amusing behaviour, the Tora Sudiro noose attracted attention of many women. One of them the newcomer's actress Sandra Dewi.
"He really romantic was the same me," I Sandra when being met detikhot in the Studio of XXI Plaza Senayan, Southern Jakarta, on Monday (19/11/2007) the night.

Of course that was meant by Sandra romantic was during played together in "Quickie Express".
According to the virgin 24 years, he "ngefans" heavy to Tora.
"If could have Tora Sudiro the two, I wanted to be the same him," stated Sandra.
Although berparas pretty, Sandra claimed has menjomblo since the last 3 years.

Asked by the matter of the girlfriend's criterion, he admitted to not having the special condition.
He said, he more emphasised the impression and the view pertama.Bicara beauty, Sandra also rejected was mentioned similar to the Sastrowardoyo Lamp. "I no worries, but poored Diannya," he said. However, the dropout London School asked to be prayed for so that his career is as sparkling as his twins

(Taken From detikhot)


Fun Fearless Female 2006 (FFF 2006)  

The winner of the WRP FFF version 2006 was Sandra Dewi. Called by the "daughter" of "snow" because indeed his skin was bright white, his hair was black and his eyes "bling".
When quarantine, I made surprise morning where I was "wake up call they".
I knocked on the door to their respective room of the finalist. Hahaha, there are those that his face was full of pimple medicine, with the roll, slept with lingerie the model, etc. of the section's bikini. Funny. But Sandra Dewi?

Get up has been pretty. Not surprised if the photographers, ehm... especially Rici Linde, so fall in love beneran and gak konsen saw Sandra Dewi. WRP, as the sponsor of the agenda, direct terpicut with physical beauty (and was born) this lovely daughter.

(Taken from here)


Intro Sandra Dewi  

The pretty face. The proportional body was supported by the friendliness increasingly equipped Sandra Dewi entered ranah entertainment that the draught of the competition.

But that was precisely seen by him as the challenge. A row of the famous product advertisement displayed Sandra Dewi (24) as his star. The cellular operator. One of the national banks famous.
Beauty products of the upper class


Indonesian Actris  

Sandrea Dewi is one of Indonesian actris, start debut as Indah at "Sinetron Cinta Indah"

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